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Christmas In Ireland Christmas Prepartion Traditions Ireland

The time leading up to Christmas is busy in Ireland. Women folk clean the inside: polishing the floors, silver, furniture, every nook and cranny. The men clean and whitewash outbuildings and surroundings.

Christmas cards and gifts in Irelandare bought to give to relatives and friends. Parties are in full swing in the weeks leading up to the christmas holiday. Parties for Christmas in Ireland, are often held in a hotel. Since many parties during Christmas in Ireland are held at the same time, it is a very busy time - pubs, restaurants and hotels are packed during the month of December.

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Christmas In Ireland Christmas Tradition "The Advent"

The Christmas season really begins with Advent, the four weeks before Christmas. In many homes, Advent wreaths and Advent candles are used. The Advent candle is lit every night and prayers said to prepare hearts for the birth of the Christ Child. At the beginning of December, children start opening the windows of their Advent calenders revealing a Christmas picture or perhaps uncovering a sweet chocolate.

Christmas In Ireland Christmas Tradition Shopping Starts 8th December

December 8th is a Catholic Church holiday (Feast of the Immaculate Conception) is when people normally start shopping for Christmas gifts in Ireland, and is one of the busiest shopping days in the run up to Christmas. People normally shop locally, as there are many Ireland shopping malls and huge out of town shopping centres throughout the island of Ireland. Stores have longer opening hours, and some remaining open all day and night leading up-to Christmas.

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Irish Christmas Traditions Ireland House Decorations

Houses are decorated during Christmas in Ireland with holly, pine cones and ivy as well as glass, wooden and plastic ornaments. Christmas trees , normally Noble Fir, are quite popular, though artificial Christmas trees are being used more regularly. Trees, during Christmas in Ireland, are decorated with lights and trinkets. Starting 8th of December, the Christmas tree is put up and decorated.

Visitors, other than those with family here, come to Ireland at Christmas. Most tourist attractions are closed - because of being off season or just for the Christmas holiday. So touring options are limited. Also less accommodation choices are available than at other times. Bed and breakfasts, outside of the major cities and towns, will be closed as will most guest houses, including many hotels. Not all self-catering accommodation accept visitors. However for hose hotels that are open for business, they generally have very attractive Christmas holiday deals which includeall meals, drinks receptions and entertainment for children.

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Eve Of Christmas In Ireland Christmas Traditions Irish

Eve of Christmas in Ireland usually involves getting the last minute shopping done as well as meeting friends and relatives who specially return home for celebrating Christmas in Ireland. The atmosphere is very festive, with people wishing each other Merry Christmas.

A nice Irish Christmas tradition is the placing of candles in windows to light the way for travellers on Christmas Eve. Today electric candles are used for safety. The window light welcomes visitors to the house for Christmas. Every window in the house is decked with bright lights.

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Irish Christmas Customs Christmas Traditions Of Ireland

Early Christmas morning is when family gifts are exchanged. Most Christian inhabitants attend church service on Christmas morning, if they have not been to one the previous night.

A notable Irish Christmas tradition is the swim in the freezing Irish sea in Sandycove, a suburb of South Dublin. Many people come to watch the "blue people" coming out from the sea. Once the turkey is in the oven, those family members call to friends, relatives and neighbours to deliver gifts and share a drink or two. Then it is home and time for the big meal. This is consumed late afternoon or evening. Afterwards most people simply flop in front of the fire and watch the usual seasonal movies on TV, too full to do anything !

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St. Stephen's Day (Boxing Day) Post Christmas Day Ireland Christmas Traditions

Christmas leftovers are enjoyed all day. A soup is made with a mix of vegetables from the remaining Christmas dinner. Sometimes ham and turkey pie is made with mashed potatoes and gravy. Traditionally, pantomime plays are performed on St. Stephen's day, in which women play the men's roles and vice-versa. On St. Stephen's Day, also known as Boxing Day, it is customary to give small gifts to those who perform services throughout the year such as milkmen, postmen, others.

Ireland for the most part remains partly closed until the first Tuesday of the new year. The Pantomime season starts after Christmas, with shows in most towns and cities. For many families a trip to the pantomime is an annual holiday outing - a long standing Christmas tradition in Ireland. From St Stephen's Day there is horse racing to go to, with a meeting held almost every day, gathering huge crowds to watch national hunt races. The biggest horse racing event takes place at Leopardstwon near Dublin. These race meeting are part of the Irish Christmas customs and very much a family occasion and part of the Christmas season in Ireland.

'Little Christmas' on the 6th of January (Catholic Feast of the Epiphany) is the official end of the Christmas season in Ireland. This is when all Christmas decorations are taken down, and the final festive season dinner served. Traditionally the men of the house take over for the day, preparing meals and allowing the women to have a rest.

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